The stage is a huge canvas. A living, vivid painting. An efficient lighting design makes this painting beautiful. It brings the audience to an emotional state that cannot be achieved without it, and does not and cannot happen by accident. I am not saying lighting design is the most important part of building a memorable performance. No. Nor is it the opposite. It is as equally important as every other single component that is contributed for developing and building the piece. 

     What is a lighting designer nowadays? 
          Lighting is no longer a matter of simple illumination as it was less than 100 years ago. Today a good lighting designer is expected to be a master of art, a psychologist, a physicist, a playwright, a scientist...

Hristo is a professional lighting designer based in Cardiff (United Kingdom)

Combining the experience before and after his studies in the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff - MA Theatre Design (Pathway: Lighting Design) course 2014/2015, Hristo has experience as a Lighting Designer in various performing art areas such as Opera, Theatre, Nonverbal Theatre, Puppetry, Dance, Contemporary Dance, Promenade Theatre, Site-specific, Indoor and Outdoor Events.

During his time as a Lighting Designer Hristo has develop variety of skills, such as using AutoCAD, WYSIWYG, Sketch Up, Photoshop, CuBase, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro. As a lighting programmer he has used mainly the grandMA2, but also has experience in ETC ION, ETC Element, ETC Congo, Zero 88 Jester, Strand 520 and more...

Credits include National Dance Company Wales, Music Theatre Wales, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Up and Over It, Theatr Ffynon, ATOM Theatre and more.